Another “conspiracy theory” proven correct!

Aryan Skynet

This probably isn’t really worth an entire article on AryanSkynet, but this writer took a lot of grief for suggesting that The Intercept was spreading anti-white propaganda in the Dylann Roof case. I expressed some doubt at the suggestion that Dylann Roof was “jealous” of a Black boy stealing his White girlfriend, thus committing the alleged shootings due to personal sexual issues. I also mentioned that The Intercept was a publication being used to minimize the damage of the Edward Snowden leaks and was likely influenced by the National Security Administration.

For this, of course, I was accused of being a “conspiracy theorist.”

However, my instincts proved correct: today The Intercept is retracting the story about Dylan Roof as has admitted that their reporter, Juan Thompson, “fabricated several quotes in his stories and created fake email accounts that he used to impersonate people.”

The Intercept now acknowledges:

After speaking with…

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