Aryan Skynet

Anybody who follows the Donald knows that one of his favorite boasts concerns his enigmatic talent for “making deals” that seemingly work like magic to make him one of the world’s most stellar businessmen. Trump’s alchemical acumen – his Midas knack for touching trash and turning it into rolls of green – was on fine display in 2012, when New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg struck a deal with reality TV tycoon Trump to convert a Bronx landfill into a massively taxpayer-subsidized luxury golf course.

Juan Gonzalez of the New York Daily Newswrote of the project before its approval:

City officials are expected to approve a 20-year contract Wednesday that will hand the Trump Organization the most expensive public golf course ever built — yet they plan to charge Trump the lowest rent of any golf course in the city.

The 18-hole course at Ferry Point Park in the Bronx…

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