Aryan Skynet, a central node of the somewhat populist, if still leaning neo-con, wing of the GOP, and a major platform for Trump astro-turfing, is highlighting a video from “the German branch of the Identitarian, anti-mass migration youth movement.”

“WATCH: The Future Of Europe – Hipster Right Wingers Slam Merkel’s Migration Catastrophe”

The youth in the video don’t have the typical ‘right wing’ look often seen in the media. The young men and women look like average 20 somethings, no bald heads or combat boots, but plenty of hipster beards and fashionable haircuts.

Of course, I was into it before it was cool, predicting the eventual rise of this sort of thing all the way back in 2013 and have even been credited for it by others.

As we have been calling for for years, under the rubric of “White Nationalism 2.0” we’re not building a subculture, hiding in rural…

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