Aryan Skynet

So fixed is mainstream political discourse in the “Left” vs. “Right” paradigm that many dissidents and identitarians, notwithstanding their protestations that these concepts have lost all meaning, still find it hard to relinquish their ideological attachment to this same terminology – hence the emergence of the “Alternative Right” and the “Neoreaction”. The fact that so many race-realists and alt-righters identify so strongly as “the Right” and insist that “the Left” is the cause of civilization’s downfall is to some degree indicative of the fact that so many participants in the struggle retain a vestigial Republicans-vs.-Democrats (or, for the neoreactionaries, a monarchists-vs.-Jacobins) mentality. Erstwhile Aryan Skynet contributor Thrasymachus, for example, titled his blog Deconstructing Leftism – the implication being that “Leftism”, an ideology, constitutes the single most important problem facing the world.

McCain John McCain

Matt Forney, in the above video, insists on the legitimacy and the primacy of the “Left” vs…

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