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ala0 Chelsea Hubbell, whose speaking fees reportedly soar as high as $75,000, addresses a conference of the American Library Association

America’s public and academic libraries have always served as the clearing houses of the prevailing political orthodoxies and government-driven agendas of the day, and the influential Library of Congress is no exception. For instance, in January of 2010 – the year that would see the implementation of Obama’s bloody Afghanistan troop surge, and well after it had become apparent that the new administration had no intention of rolling back Bush’s neocon foreign policy – the Library of Congress changed the subject heading “War on Terrorism, 2001-” to “War on Terrorism, 2001-2009”, thereby absolving Obama for his continuation of the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures and giving the wholly specious impression that a neatly defined cycle of international conflict had come to a close.

ala6 (((Sari Feldman))), President of the American Library Association

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