Shocking investigation by Velvita Krohn-Kryberg at The Jewish Sentry

Aryan Skynet


[Ordinarily Aryan Skynet does not publish articles written by communist Jewesses, but this investigative piece from Professor Velvita Krohn-Kryberg of Brooklyn’s Waters Eastward University is so extraordinarily impactful and relevant to the enduring themes of this site that a special exception has been made in this particular case. – Rainer Chlodwig von Kook]

Source: The Jewish Sentry

Mac and Friends 365Black my ass

Nazi hip-hop superstar Moonman – widely regarded by his more rabid acolytes as having been ignominiously cheated out of an Album of the Year nomination for “groundbreaking joint” The Lunatic at this year’s upcoming Grammy Awards – has, ever since launching into the YouTube charts and achieving instantaneous racist “gangsta cred”, cultivated an air of the enigmatic, obliging adventurous interviewers to content themselves with his inscrutable answers to questions about his mysterious origins. “Shut up, baboon. I advise to. Get back. I’m straight out. Of a panzer’s nut. Sack,” the…

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