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The purpose of this essay is to examine the Islam Question and its perception among nationalists, how it’s been rhetorically deployed, the implications of this, and approaches to dealing with the problem, which has a bearing on our future of world-historical proportions.

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The Anti-Islam Narrative

Many nationalists, in the wake of serial terrorist attacks in Europe and America presumably carried out by Muslims or “ISIS” supporters, have generally adopted a position on Islam that is not altogether different from that found among prominent neocons, Israel’s Likud party, and other political affiliations that represent fanatical Zionist settlers. Some may echo the likes of fifth-columnist Zionist propagandists like Pam Geller. The narrative, put simply, goes like this: Islam is fundamentally warlike and its promise of eager virgins in the afterlife provides potent justification for young Muslims to put their beliefs into practice, or wage jihad, by means of shedding the…

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