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So, on New Years Eve, crowds of Muslim men groped and assaulted German women at the train station in Cologne.

But the problem isn’t the Muslim men sexually assaulting German women – it’s white people complaining about it.

So, the moderators at’s World News section stopped allowing comments.


This submission is termporarily locked for comments due to a high amount of vile rule violating comments and brigading from off site.

Apparently, white people are just supposed to take it. White women are being “racist” or at the least, “Eurocentric” when they object to Muslim men sexually assaulting them. Germans women have been told to “cover up” and to “understand” that the cultures of the refugees are different.
Europeans are supposed to adapt their culture to the culture of foreigners; the foreigners have rights, Europeans have responsibilities.

How any of this can be justified eludes me. Why anyone…

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