Aryan Skynet

Blogging and tweeting about politics, a person is prone to run into occasional cretins; but for the most part this is a constellation of internet subcultures selecting for some level of education. Even the idiots tend to be more or less well-informed – though the quality of the information, not to mention its interpretation, varies considerably from sphere to sphere. Most of us know, too, that the standard run of humanity, whites included, is pretty unremarkable. Again, working in a cubicle job as so many of us do, one understands that the average citizen out there – even the average white citizen – is, let’s be honest, not very smart; but even this unenviable sample set selects for unrepresentative merit. Only when one steps away from the computer and, say, stops into a Wendy’s for a baked potato, as I did this afternoon, is the awe-inspiring chasm separating the internet…

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