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Judeo-Christianity just keeps getting dumber and weirder if one of my Christmas presents this year was any indication. One of my Gen-X neocon cousins apparently let his Christian convert Jew wife do the couple’s shopping for presents this year. Proof that not every Ashkenazi inherits their famous intellect, this is a woman that even my grandmother, a lifelong Christian herself, has described as a “religious fanatic”. Thankfully, they sent their presents along and weren’t present at the gathering to witness my barbarian smirk on receiving from them a little book titled Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence.

The author, Sarah Young, is a missionary whose devotional writing has met with the prestigious stamp of approval of such exemplars of Christian decency as failed Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker. What makes her unique among purveyors of such kitsch is that she claims to have accessed…

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