Aryan Skynet

AryanSkynet was proven right, again.

For the last year, AryanSkynet has posted article after article after article about the reality behind the so-called “Islamic State.” While other ostensibly pro-white blogs were wringing their hands and studying obscure verses in the Koran, AryanSkynet called it like is was. “Islamic State” is merely yet another mercenary force run by NATO allies; Saudi Arabia for one, with a seemingly surprising assist from none of than the Zionist entity in Palestine. Islamic State’s actions have been exactly what one would expect from a NATO-led proxy army; they attack NATO’s enemies and refrain from attacking NATO’s allies.

Last month when Russia joined the Syrian conflict in a big way, they bombed the forces of “Islamic State” and immediately, the Obama administration called foul. Russia was bombing the wrong ISIS, they said, and had actually hit the Free Syrian Army. Of course, going back to…

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