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hookworm Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos has written a humorous takedown of the Star Wars franchise for patriotarded news website Breitbart. The piece is funny, that is to say, in how revealing it is of the neurotic preoccupations of Jews with imaginarily innate gentile hostility and in displaying the Jewish propensity – even in half-jest – to discover another Shoah being plotted under every rock in the universe. His essay, however, fails to amuse in its Jewish imperial triumphalism and mockery of the goyim in celebrating the Zionist mass murder world order initiated by the September 11th attacks.

So the Jedi and their puppet Rebel Alliance of useful idiots beat the Empire. Their primary victories over the Empire are destroying two Imperial defence space stations. You probably know them as “Death Stars,” but that’s just a terrorist’s propaganda term. Congratulations on supporting the killing of hundreds of thousands of freedom and peace-loving…

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