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Agence France-Presse reported last week from Quito, Ecuador:

Ecuador’s Congress voted overwhelmingly to lift presidential term limits from 2021, triggering violent demonstrations that saw police attacked with spears, clubs and home-made rockets.

Ecuador now joins fellow leftist-led Latin American nations Venezuela and Nicaragua in allowing multiple re-elections.

After nine hours of debate, and opposition protests in the streets of Quito and other cities, the legislature — dominated by supporters of President Rafael Correa — voted 100-8 in favor of the constitutional amendments.

While the legislature barred Correa from running for re-election in the 2017 national polls, he could become a candidate in 2021. The socialist leader has been in power since 2007.

Correa thumb Rafael Correa

Protests, sometimes violent, were held in the country’s main cities, including Guayaquil, Ecuador’s most populous city. […]

Outside Congress, a large crowd hurled stones, clubs and fired rockets at police, who took cover behind large shields.

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