Aryan Skynet

Billionaire Mauricio Macri of Argentina’s “right-wing” Cambiemos Party captured that country’s presidency on November 22, upsetting left-Peronist Front for Victory Party candidate Daniel Scioli, the expected successor to outgoing president Cristina Kirchner in an outcome that, just a few months ago, would have seemed impossible. Not all are convinced that this election was free of foreign intervention.

Peter Koenig, in an insightful article at Global Research, characterizes the win as a “quiet neoliberal coup d’etat” bringing Argentina “under Washington’s rule” in the false-flag tradition of the Arab Spring and the color revolutions of recent years:

Against all odds, Macri won with 51.4% against Scioli’s 48.6% – a margin of 2.8%. A margin small enough no to raise many questions of fraud.

And here are the odds: Two days before the 25 October ballot The Guardian polls predicted an 8.5% lead for Scioli (38.41%) vs. Macri (30.07%). Nevertheless, the 25…

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