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As Aryan Skynet readers are probably aware, the world of white nationalism lost one of its greats last month with the death of the populist publishing titan Willis Carto, a collaborator of figures ranging from William Pierce and Wilmot Robertson to David Duke and Michael Collins Piper and was the man behind such entities and publications as Liberty Lobby, Western Destiny, The Spotlight, the Institute for Historical Review, The Barnes Review, and American Free Press.

His influence within American and even international identitarianism and opposition to globalist Zionism is incalculable. As the laughable French-language TV smear job above illustrates, Carto was as active as anybody in World War II revisionism and 9/11 dissent – both indispensable endeavors in the unending work of freeing Europeans from the Hebraically imposed yoke of self-loathing and consequent geopolitical self-destruction.

American Free Press, in its November 9-16 issue, features…

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