Hipster Racist asks the burning question: do Jews believe their own bullshit?

Aryan Skynet


It’s hard to comprehend it, sometimes. I read Richard Spencer’s latest at Radix Journal, “A Bold New Stragey,” about National Review Online’s article about how the Republicans can win the Black vote – this time. If only they … something or other.

But that’s not what struck me. Spencer linked to a 2009 book review at Taki’s Magazine, Gary Brecher’s “Patriot Lame,” about Rich Lowrey’s “Banquo’s Ghosts,” a sort of “comfort food” novel for neo-conservatives at the tail end of the Bush administration. In this tale, we read about vicious anti-semitism at tony Manhattan cocktail parties.

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily say that the Manhattan cocktail parties that I’ve atteneded were “tony” exactly, but I can guess that the dinner parties of my host’s parents were quite likely “tony.” The ones I attended very much had the atmosphere of ne’er-do-wells “slumming it.” So, I was kind of shocked to read this…

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