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Somewhere in America, a well-meaning mother is reading her daughter a bedtime story about a Valkyrie, perhaps thinking because it deals with Northern European mythology that it will foster in her child an intellectual curiosity about the old world, its folkways, its splendors, and its epic past. Unfortunately, the bedtime story is Edda: A Little Valkyrie’s First Day of School, and its author is a cultural Marxist Jew from Brooklyn named Adam Auerbach.

Published last year by Macmillan, the picture book tells the story of Edda, “the littlest Valkyrie”, who lives with her blond and red-haired folk in the magical land of Asgard. Poor little Edda feels unfulfilled and limited by continuing to live among her own kind, so her father, who is “very wise”, enrolls her in a public school where she can mingle with other races.

Adam Auerbach Adam Auerbach

Auerbach depicts Edda walking into a classroom peopled…

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