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Charlie Hebdo beyond Thunderdome Charlie Hebdo beyond Thunderdome

The surface takeaway from the Paris attacks narrative – the part that every right-wing blockhead on Twitter gets – is that diversity does not, never did, and will never work under any circumstances; but is there something more to Friday’s shocking and yet not at all surprising terrorist event? This is Aryan Skynet, so of course there is something more …

As chest-beating Trump-humpers fall into lockstep with Zionist messaging about the need to fight “ISIS”, which, if Rita Katz is to be credited as a reliable source, has claimed responsibility for the Paris massacres, let those whose inquisitive natures demand more recall a statement of Benjamin Netanyahu from this past February, issued in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo affair and the Copenhagen shootings.

Likud Pool Party Likud Pool Party

The New York Timesreported on February 15, 2015, that Netanyahu was actually calling for “mass migration”…

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