Aryan Skynet

This is the entry test for Aryan Skynet agents.

Please watch this lecture by Kevin MacDonald from the recent National Policy Institute Conference, “Become Who You Are.”

Take as long as you need, rewatch and take notes if you need to, then make a comment below.

Just like how harsh winters influenced the evolution of White men towards high IQs and an analytic bent, so your ability to pay attention, understand, and comprehend what Dr. MacDonald is saying shows that you are, in fact, White, and are, in fact, smart enough to join the European “mannerbund” – the warrior tribe – based on your abilities as opposed to just who your parents were.

Be warned: MacDonald’s speaking style is not “Hollywood ready.” He tends to sway at the podium thus lose the microphone a bit. He doesn’t use rhetorical flourishes and has a relatively dry delivery.

He also only discusses…

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