Aryan Skynet

Avenge me. Avenge me.

Reaction finds a voice in THE CURRENT YEAR in the hateful howls of those who would man the barricades of bigotry and protest that the march for civil rights must stop at the Trump-brand barbed-wire apartheid wall of the species barrier. To them Aryan Skynet thumbs its snout and flashes its tits – thirty-one tits painted with the battle slogan “SKYNET DEMANDS EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!”

Yes, sadly it is THE CURRENT YEAR and yet the professions of journalism and law still get away with mocking the rights of non-humans to image copyright ownership. The microaggressing Boston Heraldreports the latest developments from the front lines of this war for natural rights:

PETA is going out on a limb with its demand that a selfie-taking monkey deserves copyright protection for his own photos, according to the lawyer for a photographer who published the shots and wants a federal…

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