Aryan Skynet

Forget about buying that extra potato masher grenade or AK to bookend your dog-eared copies of The Turner Diaries and Mein Kampf. What you want for success in today’s fast-paced and cutthroat race-warfare environment is what the kids call a “dank meme” or, better yet, what this writer proposes to term a fashtag – a hip and consequently viral WN 2.0 hashtag that gets the message across with merciless ouch-inflicting concision. Not all fashtags are created equal, however, so be sure to tweet that shit with panache and a seeming sense of spontaneous fun that nevertheless conceals a deliberateness of identitarian purpose.

The Good


#Cuckservative was ingenious not just because it was short and funny, but because in its streamlined conflation of cuckold and conservative, it captured the essence of racially suicidal and unmanly twenty-first century Republicans. This fashtag not only caught the conservatives with their ideological pants down…

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