Mindweapon on NPI’s #BecomeWhoWeAre conference and progress among millennials in the identitarian movement.

Aryan Skynet

Right wing events are known for being mostly “old men.”  Richard Spencer asked all under 30’s to stand up, I estimated their number at about 40, which was about 1/3 of the attendees.

During a podcasting session, many “millennials” asked questions of a panel of podcasters.  They were saying, “I used to be a social justice warrior, I voted for Obama and virtue signaled how anti-racist I was.  Life experience happened, and now I’m here.”

One of them asked Mike Enoch, “When I argue with an SJW, how do I know whether to be persuasive, or mocking?”

“Err on the side of mocking” was Enoch’s hilarious reply.  The Right Stuff has developed it’s own private language, and even has a glossary.  One of the things they mock is how SJW’s will say, “I can’t believe there are still people like you in 2015!”

So we mock this as “it’s the…

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