Cuckservatives frequently cry that Democrats are the real racists. Are they correct? Are leftists more promising recruits for white nationalism than conservatives?

Aryan Skynet

A comment at Radix Journal:

The cuckservative reaction to Trump’s immigration plan is indistinguishable from that of Salon or RawStory. The mainstream, religious “right” is and always has been so far behind leftists socially and culturally as far as fads and trends go that they’re just now getting excited about diversity, multiculturalism and gun point equality. They’re like a kid with a new toy with the ideas that were all the rage on the left 30 years ago.

The pathetic thing is that they think the left will finally stop calling them bigots for adopting the stances that they held 30 years ago. Leftists are way over that now, permanent revolution now requires sex change operations for toddlers and the normalization of pedophilia.

The sheer inept stupidity of most “conservatives” leaves me to believe that we’re really barking up the wrong tree for recruitment. Look around on the alt-right. What…

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