I shilled for The Donald on Twitter and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

Aryan Skynet

Asleep at the Wheel “great … again …”

“This is certainly the greatest paradox of the 2016 presidential race,” observes Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent: “the candidate with some of the strongest ties to the Jewish community has emerged as the favorite of White Nationalists and Alt Righters.” Naming names, he adds, “From Occidental Observer to The Daily Stormer to AmRen to Radix, everyone is in the tank for Donald Trump.”

There are exceptions. B’Man’s Revolt and the Renegade Tribune, for examples, have maintained a healthy skepticism toward the Alt-Right’s man of the hour; but the bulk of the reactosphere, and particularly those corners of it putatively devoted to white racial interests, have thrown in whole-heartedly with the celebrity Zio-whore’s ostensibly populist presidential bid. As Aryan Skynet has repeatedly warned, however – here, here, and here – Trump is anything but the nationalist he pretends to be.

TrumpPepeSome of…

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