More from Mindweapon on the theme of TV neutralization of the goyim and how it has even spread to India.

Aryan Skynet

I do a service job, like most working Americans, and I’m a curious person and like to engage people from all over the world.  So I had a chance to have a long conversation with a Muslim from India here on a business trip doing some kind of technical-manufacturing work.

I happened to tell him that the biggest problem in the world is television watching and video game playing by children under 8 years old.  It struck a chord with him, because, as he told me, when he is home and he wants to watch a soccer game, his kids object that they want to keep watching their cartoons.  I told him that letting his kids watch television will intellectually cripple them and set them up for drug addiction and sexual degeneracy in their later lives, as has been observed here in the USA, which has been modern longer than India.

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