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Racist Asian Kid In White Face Racist Asian Kid In White Face

MTV hasn’t been culturally relevant for a decade, so in a rather transparent attempt to get back in the game, they have gone full “Social Justice Warrior.” As if their “white privilege documentary” wasn’t enough, now they have made a commercial explaining that Halloween costumes are racist.

If This Isn't Cultural Appropriation, What Is? If This Isn’t Cultural Appropriation, What Is?

Considering MTV pocketed billions of dollars promoting “ghetto black” stereotypes over the years, it’s hard to take their new found outrage seriously. Let’s not even get started on how much money they have made from the objectification of women.

So now we have a commercial of Diverse Non-Whites lecturing White people about their Halloween costumes.

Go ahead, it’s okay to laugh, it’s funny. Just remember they really do hate us.

White Face Is Cool Though White Face Is Cool Though

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