Aryan Skynet


The Authoritarian Personality is a book published in 1950 and “sponsored by the American Jewish Committee, Social Studies Series: Publication NO. III”

The major concern was with the potentially fascistic individual; the task of diagnosing potential fascism and studying its determinants required techniques especially designed for these purposes:

The potential fascist is anyone that makes a nebbishy Frankfurt School Jew uncomfortable.  The Authoritarian Personality is a King Herod like effort to kill white people in the womb, to nip us in the bud, to root us out, and salt our cultural fields.

The Jewish attack on us is an attack on us as children.  The attack begins with moms allowing doctors to circumcize white baby goys, then to put the baby goys in front of the televisoin and give them processed food with GMO corn/wheat/soy.

Beat this, and we beat the Jew.  Every whacky mom who fascistically eliminates television…

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