Mindweapon returns to Aryan Skynet!

Aryan Skynet

Most of my adult life I have worked in very controlled office situations, like many middle class white people.  The past year I have been working a service job on the street, and dealing with the dystopia.

American society has very much encouraged every sort of weakness and vice.  Even in pastoral Windham County, Connecticut, heroin addiction, alcoholism and broken families are rife.

American society was once a fabric; a very strong fabric.  I remember it, before it got mocked to death, and then criticized to death.  Those were pretty nice and decent people; our biggest problem was that we weren’t intellectually curious or politically aware.

Sure they were politically incorrect on race, but so what?  It was so benign.  People had it made, including black people.  Including every one. They had a pretty good country up to about 1990, when the politically correct liberals got the chutzpah up to…

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