Aryan Skynet

It’s hilarious how Bernie Sanders – a multi-decade Washington insider that has used his position to funnel tax money to the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine – shows up and makes one speech about Wall Street – even though his actual record is quite Wall Street-friendly – and the “progressive youth” turn into cult followers acting as if the man is some sort of Messiah.

I mean, this is exactly why populist movements like Occupy Wall Street always fail – it’s because the people behind them, you know, “the people” y’all are always going on about – are stupid.


Did anyone ever actually talk to an Occupy Wall Street type? They were idiots – morons – some of the most clueless, naive, and uninformed people you’d ever come across.

But Viacom – you know, Jon Stewart Liebowitz of the Daily Show – told them that they…

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