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Gods Must Be Crazy

Paul Du Chaillu, an American explorer of the nineteenth century, recorded the following sexual custom among the peoples of equatorial Africa:

A man pays goods or slaves for his wife, and regards her, therefore, as a piece of merchandise. Young girls – even children in arms – are married to old men for political effect. The idea of love, as we understand it, seems unknown to the Africans.1

Francis Moore, an explorer of the previous century, elaborated on a peculiar means by which the Africans made disobedient women behave. This was Mumbo Jumbo, “an idol, which is among the Mandingoes a kind of cunning mystery.”

This is a thing invented by the men to keep their wives in awe, who are so ignorant (or at least are obliged to pretend to be so) as to take it for a wild man; and indeed no one but he who knows…

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