Hipster Racist adapts the epochal movie Wag the Dog for today’s array of dumbass shit in the news.

Aryan Skynet


A political fixer, BREAN is pitching a Hollywood producer, MOSS.

MOSS:They gotta know at some point.


MOSS: Who? The, uh, you know, the public.

BREAN: They gotta know? Stan, get with it. Who killed Kennedy? I read the first draft of the Warren Report, says he was killed by a drunk driver. You watched the Gulf War, what do you see day after day? The one smart bomb falling down a chimney. The truth? I was in the building when we shot that shot, we shot it a studio in Fall’s Church, Virginia, one tenth scale model of a building.

MOSS: Is that true?

BREAN:How the fuck do we know? You take my point?

MOSS: Yes. Okay, and you want me to do what?

BREAN: We want you to produce.

MOSS: You want me to produce your war?

BREAN:It’s not a war, it’s…

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