Hipster Racist rips the joke shop Hitler mustache off the latest anti-Semitic boogeyman who turns out to be – you guessed it – just another Spaced-Out Kosher Klown living with his parents in Florida.

Aryan Skynet

You can’t make this stuff up.

A young Jewish American man has been charged with pretending to be an Australian-based Islamic State jihadist after a FBI joint investigation with the Australian Federal Police based on information provided by Fairfax Media.

Joshua Goldberg, ISIS Terrorist Joshua Goldberg, ISIS Terrorist

Wait, there’s more! He was also a “neo-Nazi White Supremacist” and even published at The Daily Stormer.

You may remember that the Daily Stormer published several articles by a user using the alias ‘Michael Slay’ earlier this year. ‘Slay’ had been active on various pro-White Reddits, was clearly intelligent and a skilled writer. He contacted me asked if he could submit articles to the Daily Stormer. I agreed.

Interestingly too, he published a piece proposing Israel literally genocide the Palestinians under the name of a well known Jewish lawyer, who then – of course – blamed it on “White Supremacists.”

In the Bornstein hoax, Goldberg established…

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