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Matt Forney, an intermittently interesting Alt-Right figure previously discussed here at Aryan Skynet, has trodden a noncommittal path of uneasy compromise between racialism and nihilism, truth and establishment deception. However, after dismissively pronouncing that “conspiracy theories tend to be popular amongst nerds and other social outcasts,” Forney now appears to be making conscious gestures toward social self-ostracism and nerd status with some of his recent comments about Israel and the “Islamic” State.

In Episode 102 of his podcast, Forney and guest co-host William Rome talk about the mass media misrepresentation of the ongoing Third World invasion of Europe and also go into the underhanded, government-engineered provenance of the demographic apocalypse engulfing the continent. Forney’s assessment of ISIS, a contributing catalyst of Europe’s intensifying death spiral, indicates a diminished arrogance of perspective, particularly coming from a man who professes to believe that the September…

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