Aryan Skynet

Cynthia McKelvey Cynthia McKelvey

Conspiracy Theorists Will Truly Believe Anything, Says Science.” This is the title of an article recently featured at The Daily Dot, a news-and-entertainment site for self-satisfied liberals. The author is Cynthia McKelvey, a tattooed environmentalist who describes herself on her own website as “a banana slug” – a claim Aryan Skynet is not contesting – and whose other rigorously scientific articles for The Daily Dot include “Can You Get an Orgasm from Yoga?” and “How Long Would It Take the Starship Enterprise to Reach Kepler-452b?” She cites as the voice of “Science” in this case a celebrated study by a group of researchers at Italy’s IMT Institute for Advanced Studies in Lucca.

Admit it, you love to hate-read the conspiracy theory bullshit your friend or relative regurgitates all over Facebook. But have you ever asked yourself why he or she believes the…

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