This century sucks.

Aryan Skynet enables White men to help non-Whites to succeed in life without disrupting existing systems and long-standing traditions.

Lack of privilege getting you down? The privilege you need is just a tap away.

Connect with a white guy. Get privileged, life-saving advice.

Problem solved! Privilege delivered, and you can move on.


I had a job in tech but was hitting an invisible ceiling as a Latina. A friend told me about’s Premium Model where you can get a personal White savior in the flesh. I signed up and got connected with Trevor.

Once everyone saw us hanging out during my lunch break, they started including us in their happy hour invitations. He advised me to read ‘Lean In’ and hang a poster of Sheryl Sandberg near my desk. Trevor doesn’t know anything about tech, but he really enjoyed explaining how tech works and telling me how to behave…

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