Eighties movies … why the all the stereotyping, dudes?

To keep their jobs, reporters are required to write a certain number of words. They need things to happen in order to crank out stories.

When things aren’t happening, reporters grow desperate and invent things. Sometimes those reportorial flights of fancy are utterly ridiculous.

Like liberals in academia and politics, reporters are obsessed with “proving” that white racism is everywhere and has always existed. That said, it’s a stretch to see racism in Hollywood films of the 80s.

Hell, it was in the mid 60s that Sidney Poitier came home to dinner with his white fiancee in a really sh*tty movie called “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”

Blaxploitation films had established other major black stars in the 70s, films that were virulently anti-white.

But when a liberal reporter needs a story, then let’s let her make one up. We’ll call it racism in 80s movies.

The story is a hot…

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