Don Logan’s best, most hard-hitting post yet. This is your trigger warning!

Aryan Skynet

Shekel for your thoughts, Dr. Konner? Shekel for your thoughts, Dr. Konner?

Melvin Konner ostensibly has a plan to save the planet and humanity, at least one-half of it – save them from men, that is. You see, Melvin Konner has a hot new book, presently racing up the bestsellers list, wherein his grandiose fantasies are revealed – if only we have the will and moral conscience to help actualize them. One wonders if Melvin would feel entirely secure, though, engaged in a final “triumph of the will” so to speak. This will become evident as we proceed. Onward…

Melvin Konner’s new book is Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy, a twenty-first century update to Ashley Montagu’s 1953 limp-wristed slap against the patriarchy, The Natural Superiority of Women. Melvin actually cites this work as inspiration in Women After All. I suspect they would have gotten along smashingly had they been…

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