Porter, in what makes for a typically fine post, decides to view and deconstruct Madonna’s latest “music” video. Something other than the Material Girl’s damaged goods catches my eye, however. “The entire enterprise is an aptly macabre representation of contemporary America,” Porter writes. More macabre, indeed, than 99.99% of this video’s tween viewers will ever realize. Compare the last six seconds of “Bitch I’m Madonna” with these two videos that similarly flaunt and document Judaic supremacy:

The Kakistocracy

To say I don’t maintain bleeding edge awareness of pop culture proclivities would be to extend credit where undue. Periodically the name of some current songstress or tele-vision program will percolate to the surface of a conversation, often leaving me mute in ignorance.

A poignant example of this failing occurred recently as I was scouring youtube for lifestyle tutoring videos from the guy with a Lamborghini in his garage (he likes to drive it in the Hollywood hills). I couldn’t find his material anywhere, as google has permeated the site with annoying ads. And since my time is valuable, the search was called off.

Though before moving on to more weightless pap, like Tanehisicoates’ latest gibsusdat column, I did notice a video entry for a song by Madonna. Ahh, I remember that name. A christian girl who flounced about on her wedding night caterwauling on the virtues of young ladies

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