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FTBTI Jesus Saves

Henry L. Racicot maintains the inauspiciously named Few There Be That Find It, where those readers who do manage to find it will encounter his worthwhile ruminations as “Person X” on urban squalor, human frailty, Christianity, world events, cultural rot, and occasional movies. Here he speaks with Aryan Skynet about the state of the nation’s faith, foibles, fortunes, and flounderings. A few of Racicot’s opinions will likely exasperate some readers – his views marking something of a departure from those to which Skynet comrades have become accustomed – but his wit and contrarian viewpoint should make for a lively discussion in the comments section, if nothing more. Interspersed with his answers are piquant selections from Few There Be That Find It.

RCvK: You have many years’ experience working in a jail, yes? How has this shaped your views on race?

Racicot: Yes, I’ve been at the county jail…

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