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Bow tie photographed with Jeffrey A. Tucker Pink Bow Tie photographed with Jeffrey Tucker

The cover feature of this Spring’s issue of the libertarian propaganda organ The Freeman is “50 More Ways to Leave Leviathan: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Can Make You More Free” by Max Borders and Jeffrey A. Tucker. This listicle, the authors claim, “shows how one paradigm of social and economic organization is crumbling and another is taking its place. The unrelenting power and energy behind these innovations and workarounds,” they admonish those statists who may be eavesdropping, “are making the old models of social organization obsolete.”1

No, not that Leviathan No, not that Leviathan

Just what are their secrets to living outside that reviled statist quo? The following points in these two rebellious souls’ bold manifesto chilled this tyrant to the bone and should serve to alarm those who, like this writer, wince at the thought of human freedom and seek to squash it…

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