My Aryan brutha Don Logan be all up in tha muthaphukkin schoolhizzouse!

Aryan Skynet

West SOID! West SOID!

The university, that quintessentially European institution, was established during the Middle Ages as an expression of European mankind’s quest for knowledge and as a means to lift and refine society to ever higher levels of greatness. When Europeans began to colonize new lands in the Age of Exploration, it would not be long before these men would erect new universities to cultivate the new colonies’ elites, the first universities in America being established in the 17th century, long before independence. Today, as with most European-derived institutions, they have tragically decayed into a monstrous bureaucratic machine more concerned with sentimentalism and coddling minorities than with the pursuit of noble truths. Simultaneously acting as a vast government-subsidized enterprise based on the business model of trawling for increased numbers of government-facilitated debt peons and as an incubator of conformist automata bent on cultural destruction, the modern university is at the…

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