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Neoreactionary at work Neoreactionary at work

Matt Forney, in one of his wittier essays, characterizes the Star Trek franchise as a satisfaction of “Revenge (Fantasies) of the Nerds”:

Star Trek makes a lot more sense when you realize that Gene Roddenberry probably had his face bashed in every day after school when he was a teenager. The Next Generation, particularly in its first two seasons, has a childish FUCK YOU, DAD! mentality that only the most emotionally stunted manbabies could take seriously. You can almost imagine Roddenberry hunched over his desk in a Xanadu-like mansion muttering to himself: Stupid bigoted right-wing fascists, I’ll show THEM!”

Starfleet and the Federation in general are a nerd’s wet dream. There are no jocks or bimbos aboard the Enterprise; every crew member from Captain Picard down to the lowliest ensign is a citizen-philosopher. Their hobbies consist exclusively of high-minded pursuits like staging Shakespeare plays, mastering the…

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