Hipster Racist happens upon an interesting oracle in the comments at the Unz Review.

Aryan Skynet

“Jon” over at unz.com describes the future castes of America. He links to two bloggers that exemplify two types of Whites that will attempt to tell the truth about the ruling class and how they will be written off as “conspiracy theorists” or otherwise badthinkers.

The “failed social-climbing arbitrageur” he is referring to is yours truly, and the description* is not completely inaccurate. The “elite heroin addict” is blogger Robert Lindsay, who occasionally posted on MWIR and is well worth reading.

[* “Hipster Racist” is a fictional character]

What do you see as the end game resulting from all the immigration to the USA and Europe? Will it all end in tears anyway, as Peter Brimelow has often said, and are we just hopelessly delaying the inevitable? If so, what do you predict ultimately happening? I believe you (Steve) wrote once that at least we can delay the inevitable…

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