Aryan Skynet continues to hammer away at the #Zioreaction.

Aryan Skynet

Spot the NRx irony:

The solution is to re-take our institutions and dismantle them, bypassing libertarianism for outright Social Darwinism that disenfranchises those unfit to make leadership decisions

The idea that their own ideological forebears were, in fact, unfit to make leadership decisions thus were disenfranchised by their superiors in a ruthlessly social Darwinist process would cause cognitive dissonance as it interferes with their self-image as a rising intellectual elite.

Much of NRx reads like exactly what you would expect, a bunch of smart young Whites and Jews rhetorically positioning themselves as an “elite” in a society where they are clearly anything but the elite, and doing so while carefully trying to avoid anything that would actually trigger “Cathedral” disapproval.

NRx might benefit from actually reading elite “Cathedral” opinion, which is quite social Darwinist and quite elitist as it is. The Council on Foreign Relation’s publications can be refreshingly…

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