Good doom-and-gloom piece at Jew’s Analysis, evoking a future in which “the dystopic scenario presented in Her will meet the nightmare of Minority Report.” I do, however, disagree with Dyer’s assertion that nationalism is “basically obsolete”.

Jay's Analysis

"Everybody Runs" “Everybody Runs”

By: Jay

Spielberg’s Minority Report is now an important film to revisit.  Based on the short story by visionary science fiction author Phillip K. Dick, Spielberg’s film version implements an important number of predictive programming elements not found in Dick.  Both are worth a look, but the film is important for JaysAnalysis, since now 13 years later, we are actually seeing the implementation of the total technocratic takeover, including pre-crime tracking systems.

Although the film and the short story present the precognition as a metaphysical mystery by telepathic individuals who can see into the aether, the real pre-crime systems are based on A.I. and the digitizing of all records under total information awareness.  And as I’ve said, this was DARPA’s plan for the Internet all along.

In fact, a good friend of mine worked for a few years digitizing mass medical records, and while most are…

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