Aryan Skynet

Informed speculation concurs that January’s Charlie Hebdo episode was a stage-managed spectacle toward the manipulation of public opinion. Dave Gahary, writing in American Free Press, sums up the situation as follows:

The Paris event bears many of the hallmarks of an Israeli false-flag operation, including possible use of actors, a scripted shootout [. . .] detailed knowledge of the publication’s security and the timing of its staff meeting, the road being cordoned off to keep it traffic-free, an Israeli news editor ready to photograph the event from a nearby roof, a perfect escape by the alleged perpetrators whose true identity is still unknown with one of them [as on 9/11, conveniently] leaving his ID, jihadist flags and Molotov cocktails in the getaway car and the two suspects, under security watch for previous terrorist activities, shot dead, one of whom was a pizza delivery boy who nonetheless conducted an unobstructed…

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