Aryan Skynet

A new NBC television series premiered recently for America’s perpetually entertainment-hungry proletariat – a one-hour drama called Allegiance that is based on an Israeli television series called The Gordon Cell. In fact, the producers behind the American program were also responsible for the Israeli one. Indeed, most of the shekel-pushing producers have sonorously Semitic names like Avi Nir, Amit Cohen, Giyora Yahalom and Yona Wisenthal – Israelis all. We can safely assume that this minyan reveres America so much that withholding such a masterful drama from their bestest buddy in the whole wide world simply could not be countenanced.

Will the real Vladimir Putin please stand up? Will the real Vladimir Putin please stand up?

The premise of the show is that a sleeper cell of Russian intelligence agents, a couple and their U.S.-born son, have been called into action and received orders to implement a terrorist bombing attack on U.S. soil that will “bring America to…

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