There used to be a sleazy black janitor where I work who said he took yoga classes. I think he was mainly interested in checking out the white women.

Aryan Skynet

Well, duh, ever heard of the caste system?

And aside from a few pioneering Black yoga teachers at the community level — the yoga teacher corps in the studios remains as lily white as ever.

When politically correct commissars try to practice their political correction on yogis and yoginis, they are not happy about the response!

And that’s just it: yoga, over time, seems to be fostering a climate of official tolerance toward the world it inhabits that easily shades into political apathy — and moral relativism. Take almost any controversial topic, and raise it among yogis, and you will find a healthy core of opinion suggesting that the best opinion is to not have any opinion at all. For some yogis, social and political obliviousness is a deeply-held spiritual principle; for others, it’s simply an existential one: they come to yoga, they say, to “forget about the world” for…

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