I’m with Anti-Racist Hitler.

Aryan Skynet

A clever little campaign on Twitter: #openBordersForIsrael.


I think it gets the message across to many groups, but like the Mantra, it puts the ball in their court: if Open Borders are good for our country, why not your country?

If “interracial marriage” helps to end racism, why not intermarry the Orthodox Jews in Israel and the Palestinian Muslims?


If diversity is good, why not diversity for Israel? If all White countries are “too white” – what about the Jewish country, isn’t it “too Jewish?”


Since it’s Jewish groups that promote diversity, miscegenation, and open borders in White countries – but not their country – make them justify it.


This is what Bob Whitaker calls “mantra thinking.” It’s Whites vs. anti-Whites. When they ask, “but what’s a white country?” you just say “the countries that you say are too white and need more diversity.”

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