B.W. Rabbit envisions the white conquest of Antarctica, using movies to illustrate his various musings. He mentions the zany theory that Nazis escaped and built a secret complex on Antarctica, a scenario that was actually made into a goofy low-budget movie, Nazis at the Center of the Earth (2012):



Is this even actually Antarctica? Who cares... you get the idea. Is this even actually Antarctica? Who cares… you get the idea.

“We should deport all racists to Antarctica!” It’s a novel idea, one which I frequently see being floated by social justice howlers that think they’re being clever. Yet, rather than cringing in horror at the prospect of being banished to a life of ice piratry with my fellow blue eyed, diversity contract holdouts, my immediate thoughts are more along the lines of “Cool beans! When does the next ferry leave? You’re seriously not going to follow us this time? C’mon, don’t tease me, bro.” 

Sorry to break the news to anti-white, political correctness enthusiasts, but a great many European descendants are so sick and tired of ethnomasochism, cultural marxism, and miscellaneous SJW crap that they would be highly receptive to the suggestion of forming a remote colony at the South Pole. I love the idea, personally.

What kind…

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